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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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only 2 months away. a fiscal cliff hanger. now a done deal. there's another big threat that's only two months a i way. good evening. >> the house approved a fiscal cliff compromise. 257-167. president obama thanked congress and then hopped on a plane to hawaii. >> reporter: president obama will sign the bill. today's pressure was intense. there there was no agreement, negotiations would have had to start all over. after closed door meetings, house republican leaders finally put to a vote the fiscal cliff compromise. a bipartisan senate packed last night. >> we had listened to the american people. we have heeded their call to work together in a pi partisan way.
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>> reporter: president obama spoke minutes after the vote. >> the one thing i think we'll focus on in the new year is put ago package like this together with a little bit less drama. not scare the heck out of folks quite as much. >> reporter: house majority leader voted no on the compromise. he dropped efforts to amend the bill to add more spending cuts after failing to get enough fellow republicans to agree. >> the senate bill failed miserably in cutting spending. >> i'm unwilling to go on a bill that's unacceptable. >> reporter: the emergency compromise makes bush era tax cuts permanent for families who earn under $450,000 a year. the agreement delays decisions on across the board spending cuts. president of the san francisco republican assembly. >> they're spending much more. we're borrowing to spend just as we had an addiction with
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spending. our spending multiplies. so has our addiction. >> reporter: this fiscal cliff is over but congress will have another standoff when lawmakers must consider raising the federal borrowing limit so the government can keep paying its bills. tomorrow mr. obama warned he will not have a debate over this congress. >> someone gets swept out to see. this time a couple was out walking their dog when they were hit by a dangerous wave. cbs 5 reporter on the rescue and how it ended. >> a couple out for a new year's day walk got into serious trouble when they were hit by a sneaker wave. the woman and dog were knocked down. the man jumped in after them.
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this happened this after. >> while that was happening either the dog was trying to be rescued by the husband or he was trying to assist with her and he was swept out and they were unable to get him. >> the dog made it back to shore. the 59-year-old man did not. a witness said he tried to save him. he was floating about 80 yards off shore. >> we were going to throw a rope but we saw he wasn't reacting. >> the coast guard, marine county fire department launched a search. on a day with larger than normal waves and strong currents. >> the helicopter circled around very tight and low for quite a while. we were thinking wow, maybe we'll see them rescue somebody. but nope. >> at 4:00 the coast guard helicopter found the man's body. he had been in the water more than three hours. >> all the visitors at the beach probably none of them
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wanted to start the year that way. >> there are signs posted warning beach goers abouted surf. this time of year the water is in the low 50s and hypothermia can set in within just minutes. >> it's the big chill in the bay area. temperatures are falling like a set of car keys tonight. roberta with the latest. >> you're right. plummeting numbers at this hour. clear skies. currently the numbers stand like this. 35 degrees. 39 in san jose. after realizing a high of 58 degrees, huge drop. numbers will continue to go downward. 29 in santa rosa. 34 across the valley. we have a freeze warning in effect for those red highlighted areas. we'll talk more about this coming up later on. >> thanks. it began as a routine stop and
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ended with two people dead just after sunrise. it started when officers stopped a car at mission and 21st. as they approached the driver allegedly took off. two blocks away police say he broadsided a car pushing it into a pedestrian. cbs 5 recorder linda yee picks up the story from there. >> reporter: wrecked carers littered the street. the white car hit broadside. it slammed up against a store. the female passenger was killed. the male driver critically injured and a pedestrian crushed to death. the early morning crash shocked people awake. >> i heard it the boom and the cars. >> reporter: police say it started with reports of gunshots fired about a half mile away. officers pulled over a possible suspect driving the black car at 21st and mission street. >> as officers approached the
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vehicle the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections, colliding with the white vehicle that is now come to rest at the portal of the store. >> reporter: the store surveillance video shows the wait white car as it hits the store. the owner says his worker was just outside. >> as soon as he goes inside like there's the collision. the car comes smashing into the door. really smock. shaken up. scared. >> reporter: police arrested the suspect driver and recover add gun. the gang task force is investigatorring reports there was a dispute overnight that escalated into a shooting this morning. >> we are familiar with this suspect. >> reporter: the family of the dead woman came by the store and left in tears. it was his sister-in-law. he showed her picture but said nothing else. tonight police confirm one suspect remains in custody but the investigation is continuing.
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in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >> a bizarre standoff with a man who wasn't wearing any clothes but he did have a sword. police say a naked man with a samurai sword and assault rifle kept officers at bay for nearly two hours. >> statement when we got out of the vehicle were you're going to have to kill me. so he stated that several times. the officers, again, for safety reasons stood back and called in some reinforcements. >> the standoff lasted two hours before 29-year-old coco bennett was arrested. police say he had an ar-15 in his truck. >> a bay area bar has been targeted by credit card thieves. it was weeks before anybody caught on. christin ayers says customers went out for a beer. next thing they knew they were racking up charges in mexico. >> reporter: it's a name of a
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beer on the menu. but customers didn't expect that drinking here would mean getting their wallets swiped out. >> four to five charges. >> reporter: general manager says it happened to several hundred people. and what they awe have in common is they used their credit cards at his bar in the past few months. >> basically anyone that used their card from september on till about the saturday after thanksgiving had their card compromised. >> reporter: likely by a sophisticated tough to track worm that hackers let loose. possibly through the system wi- fi. they started racking up charges all over the world. >> i heard some instances of physical cards being used. so someone was making copies of cards. >> i got these charges on my account which was saying i charge money in mexico. >> dubai and england. it was everywhere. no way to track it. >> reporter: police are
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investigating but they're struggling to find the culprits. they've upgraded their system and temporarily shut down the wi-fi. but months after the initial breech, some customers arkansas still remain vulnerable and thieves are ringing up charges. >> hopefully they fix the problem and it won't happen again. >> reporter: everyone we spoke to it listen reimbursed by their banks. police are searching for suspects. the people who work at the bar tell us they're willing to work with authorities to track forensics on the computer that was infected. >> the secret life of a millionaire murdered in his bay area mansion. hookers, drugs and that's just the beginning. >> a million dollar heist at an apple store. why cops say the thieves struck at the perfect time. >> and the best moment of the rose parade, this. the 4-year-old who got his
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father back.
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learning: he had a secret l cbs 5 reporter kiet do on wt was trying to hide a millionaire murdered. now we're learning he had a secret life. cbs five reporter on what he might have been trying to hide.
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investigators aren't saying what really went on at the home of multimillionaire businessman. but court documents uncovered by the san jose mercury news suggest a pattern of shady business deals, drugs and prostitutes. a break in the case came last week when a 22-year-old was arrested for prostitution. police charged her with accessory to murder. three other men have been arrested and charged with the killing. the motive or how he died is unknown. but e-mails from former business partners paint an unflattering picture. richard rodriguez, a high-tech consultant says he fabricated a divorce to shelter his assets and used company funds to pay for escort services, prostitutes, purchasing condominiums and other personal expenses. saying quote, his chronic abuse
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of alcohol, his chronic use of marijuana and his emersion in a fantasy world have left him without the interest or ability necessary to make his businesses successful. he has never treated anyone fairly in his life. and all this was good information for investigators to have because it gives them a more complete picture of exactly who he was. but it did not have a big influence on the investigation just yet. tomorrow we get our first look at some of the other murder suspects as they make their first court appearance at the courthouse tomorrow afternoon. live in downtown san jose. >> thieves pretty much pulled off a picture perfect robbery in an apple four. four armed robbers made off with more than a million dollars worth of merchandise. ipads, i phones. apparently they got in through a back entrance. police say the thieves timed it
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to coincide with a new year's eve celebration when officers were already distracted. >> a southern california boy and his mother got quite a surprise while watching the rose parade today. >> this is a great story. how one of the floats made a special delivery. >> i was extremely nervous. extremely. >> as sergeant first class came down colorado boulevard with other service members he had a front row seat to the crowd. there were only two people he was looking for. >> one of the guys back behind me was like get off the float, man. this is where you got to get off. >> reporter: he walked to his wife and son who both thought daddy was still in afghanistan. in moments a family is reunited after seven long months. >> i turn around and there he is. i'm trying to get, you know, eric to look who is over there,
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look who is over there. >> immediately i was trying to choke back tears. i picked up my son and grabbed my wife and i missed you guys so much. i love both of you. >> reporter: he was chosen for this moment a month ago by his superiors in afghanistan. boomer yam had no idea. she got a call saying she had won a contest to come to l.a. from germany and see the parade. >> there is no words to describe it. really thankful they chose my husband too. and this is overwhelming. >> the couple has been married for eight years and he said it was difficult to keep such a huge secret from his wife. >> the reunited family will spend the next five days sightseeing. >> and it's going to be nice and warm down in southern california. not like it is here. >> doesn't that story give you chills? >> i was thinking goose bumps or chills from the cold weather outside. thank you for that.
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how cold is it be let's head outside right now. looking out towards san francisco where today's high was only in the low 50s. we were averaging 3 and 4 degrees below normal. now temperatures are going downward very rapidly. the red highlighted areas on your tv screen is we have a freeze warning in effect. this does encompass the north bay areas. blue area happens to be around san francisco. just an about everybody is going to be extremely cold tonight from the 20s through the 30s into the low 40s. how low will it go? 29 santa rosa. 29 in livermore. just above freezing. it'll be freezing. freezing in redwood city back in through belmont. had the clear skies. currently 47 degrees in the city by the bay. otherwise mid30s in livermore and santa rosa at this hour.
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so the bottom line is you need an extra blanket tonight. tomorrow will be the second winter spare air day of the season. extended forecast going out on a limb there. no rain in the forecast until january 10th. sure. we have storms out there tooked up over the pacific ocean. this here, notice it just sheering off at the seams. it's banking up. that is not going anywhere rapidly. we should be dry from now all the way until next thursday. so count on sunshine after a frosty start tomorrow. numbers not recovering very much at all. only 49 in concord. back in through hercules. mid50s into san jose. check this out. the extended forecast. what do you not see there? you do not see any rain drops. as brian was saying you do not see any 60s either.
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no temperatures recovering to average highs for this time of the year at all. few clouds come in on thursday and friday. that's from a weak disturbance that will fall apart. >> all right. the fungus is dying. >> the fungus is dying and we're breathing. new year, new laws. some of them are bizarre. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dinner's ready.
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and it was so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. california. while you were sleeping 876 new laws went into effect in california. >> and as cba 5 reporter mike sugerman shows us, some are strange. >> reporter: hunting bears? you better not do it with a dog in you're in california. we can't go bear hunting. if you see a bear, forget it. no bear hunting. senate bill 1221 bars use of dogs to hunt bears or bob cats except for research. >> driver's license and registration. >> is there a problem, officer? >> reporter: assembly bill
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allows drivers the right to show registration and insurance on a smart phone. 876 new laws? >> an old saying that as long as the legislature is in session, no man's life, liberty or pursuit of happiness is safe. >> reporter: in and around california politics. >> california is a state filled with special interests. everybody has lobbyist in sacramento. many laws are made because special interest groups promote them. >> reporter: permits testing of autonomous vehicles, cars that drive themselves. as long as a licensed human driver remains behind the wheel. google wants to be able to give such spearmintal cars to its employees. siri, text my wife to say i'll be late for dinner. allows drivers to dictate, send or listen to text messages with
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a hands free device. maybe late for dinner because you'll be shooting your gun. assembly bill 1517 prohibits carrying unloaded rifles on city streets unless you're on your way to go hunting. mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> there's nobody like mike. >> no, there isn't. and today nobody like stanford. >> what could a rose bowl win do? it could make rock stars out of stanford football players and bring a head coach on the verge of tears of joy. ,,,,,,,,,,
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maybe some of these stanford players maybe as kids pretended to win the rose bowl while running around the playground. that fantasy has been replaced by a rose bowl trophy at the expense of wisconsin. 93,359 backed that stadium in
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pasadena. stanford's opening drive. 16 yards scoring play. they jumped out to a 7-0 lead. next cardinal possession, another touchdown. taylor barreled in. 88 yards for that score. 14-0 less than 10 minutes into the game. wisconsin woke up second quarter. stanford's lead is cut in half after that score. right before half, cardinal up 10. phillips to frederick, 17-14 at the half. second half. stanford was on defensive lockdown. badgers driving. picks off phillips. ball game. they win the rose bowl for the first time since 1972. 20-14 the final. a very special win for david shaw and his family. >> we knew this was going to be a battle. for us we wouldn't expect it any other way. this is the way we've played all year. we know it's going to be close. at the end of the game we're
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going to mind a boy to win. i'm so proud of them. >> intercepted. >> a couple years ago we lost coach harbaugh. this year we happened to lose andrew luck. i think it's a testament to our program and how we train and prepare each week and every season. >> nobody's talking about our running game. our guys knew we'd have a chance. >> top five on a new year's day. number five. florida state running back, 5 carries, 134 yards. they beat northern illinois 31- 10. number four. blowing up michigan running back smith. number three. dylan thompson to bruce to win
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the game with 11 seconds left. number two, d league santa cruz warriors to beat sioux falls. earlier a national anthem interruption. >> ♪ last gleaming ♪ whose -- help me out. >> tough going for miss renee there before the santa cruz warriors game. when she picked up and remembered the line she was able to just continue without fail. >> she did. great voice. >> one of those things that just kind of happens. >> i think she froze. >> the clippers 17-game win streak ended tonight in denver. clippers play the warriors tomorrow night. and andy reid will be visiting the arizona cardinals tomorrow to see about that coaching
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vacancy. >> there are a lot of openings. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. david letterman is next. >> our next newscast tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. for now, really appreciate you watching. see you tomorrow night. >> happy new year. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city ld, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. and now hipster barista, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )


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